Boiled water / boiling water


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Hello, I want to identify the difference between boiled water and boiling water.

I don't know how to use these two phrases in a proper way.

ex. Sterilize the handle with/ in boiled / boiling water.

Thank you!
  • Andygc

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    Boiled water can be at any temperature below boiling point, but it must have been boiled. Boiling water is water at 100 deg C at sea level. Better to say that it is water that is boiling - releasing bubbles of steam.

    You cannot sterilize a handle in boiled water.


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    You don't throw boiled water over people, by which I mean that this expression is not natural English.

    The temperature of boiled water is not clear, the point being it has been boiled, which could be several minutes or hours ago.


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    "Sterilize the handle in boiling water."
    Although that seems a very strange thing to do, and I can't quite visualize how that would work out. When I can fruits and vegetables I sterilize the lids in boiling water before I put them on top of the jars.


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    For example: sterilise the handle of the scalpel in boiling water and when it has cooled fit the disposable blade. (Although not any more, the whole thing is disposable now).
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