Boiling Point


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I'm going to see what is your boiling point,

I would like to know if it could mean exactly, to see what is your weak part, in personality, character and so forth,

Thanks in advance for all your help, I treasure it.
  • I'm going to see what is your boiling point,
    This phrase means that I am going to see what it takes to get you really angry - that is, to get you to "boil." The phrases "boiling mad" (AE) or "boiling with anger" are fairly common in English.

    It could be construed to mean "find your weak point" only in the sense that giving in to anger could be seen as a weakness.


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    A similar phrase is 'flash point', referring to the point at which your self-control will snap (a related phrase), and you lose your temper. We also use the phrase 'test the limits', to see how far someone can be pushed before they snap or lose their temper.
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