boiling water / boiled water


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I would like to know the use of the verb boil.

What is the difference between boiling water and boiled water?
(In a situation where we are making a cup noodle.)
ex. Put boiling water / boiled water into the cup.

Thank you.
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    Boiling water is water which is at boiling temperature at the precise moment in which it is used.
    Boiled water could be cold. The phrase simply means that at some point the water was boiled.


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    I think the usual context for 'boiled water' is of water from the tap that might be considered unsafe for drinking unless it has been boiled first. Therefore, when I think of boiled water, it is usually not water that is at boiling point or near there. You could talk about just boiled water, I suppose, if you want to indicate that it has just been boiled.
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