Boire du petit-lait

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Hello all,

I've been searching the forums for several translations of French idioms into English and many posts were of great help. Yet, I am not quite satisfied with some of the translations I've come up with in regards to the following phrases :

Boire du petit-lait = to enjoy bliss?

There's no need to give definitions (Claude Duneton did that very well) but if all you knowledgable EMTs out there would be so kind as to suggest more "colorful" phrases, I'd be most grateful.

D'avance merci!
  • Cath.S.

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    I'm 100% with you, Texasweed!:thumbsup: Let's not waste our mods time, they'd have to untangle the whole mess later and it's not fair on them, as well as being really confusing for every other member.

    boire du petit-lait means to feel extremely pleased, for instance upon hearing compliments.

    Il lui disait combien elle était éblouissante, plus belle que toutes les autres invitées : elle buvait du petit-lait.

    We also say être aux anges

    Agnès E.

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    Bonjour tigrette,

    En effet, nous demandons à nos membres de limiter leurs fils à une seule question, afin de faciliter le travail du moteur de recherche et de ne pas créer la confusion dans les fils.

    N'hésitez surtout pas à créer autant de fils que nécessaire ! :)


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    Merci pour extremely pleased et lap it up (que je préfère parce qu'il se rapproche de l'idée de boire...)


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    tigrette, '(it's) music to one's ears' is also widely used for 'boire du petit lait' / 'faire plaisir à entendre' / 'être aux anges'.


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    Allow me to ask another question.

    I know whey or petit-lait is good for health. However, it doesn't taste very good. Japanese milk farmers or cheese manufactures are having a hard time how to reuse whey. But mostly, whey is treated as a waste.

    So I'm wondering why boire du petit-lait means enjoy or bliss in French.

    Comment boit-on du petit-lait on France? Est-ce qu'on en boit vraiment ou ce n'est qu'une phrase?
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