bois vs forêt

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Is bois smaller than forêt or is there some other difference between them?
  • custard apple

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    Good question. "Bois" to me is a bit more romantic than "forêt" so in general I would say it is more smaller. "Bois" seems to be slightly less wild than "forêt." What do the natives think ?


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    For me, it's just the difference between "a wood" and "a forest", a forest being much bigger than a wood. In decreasing order of size, I would say:


    although I'm not quite sure about the order of the last two.


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    d'accord avec janpol : un bois, c'est plus petit qu'une forêt.
    I also agree with custard apple: "un bois" is exploited or controlled (men take care of it), while "une forêt" remains mostly wild.


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    Yes 'forests' are larger than 'woods,' and what the two share is that they are naturally occurring, which separates them from small "plantations of trees" such as a spinney, a grove, an orchard, etc.

    A copse is a stand of small trees or brush that is regularly exploited ("coppiced"), sometimes a plantation and sometimes a section of an existing wood or forest.
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