1. greygoose Senior Member

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    bol de fraicheur

    Hi everyone,

    What does this expression mean in English? Is it something to do with hearing good news?

    Many thanks
  2. Magonette Senior Member


    There is a similar expression: "un bol d'air frais" which I believe has an English equivalent "bowl of fresh air?".

    "Bol de fraîcheur " is built using the same figurative technique. But you can use this figurative meaning as a starting point to play with the meaning of the expression.
    You can revert to the original meaning of bowl, and use it to describe a meal which will refresh you in warm temperatures (cold soup, fresh salad).
    Or you can stick with the initial figurative meaning to describe a stay in a cool place (at a lakeshore, at the sea) when temperatures are too warm.
    Or you can go one step further and use the expression to decribe something light, positive, fresh happening in a dull, heavy, negative atmosphere.
  3. Edelweiss46 Senior Member

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    Hi, bol de fraicheur is an expression, "a breath of fresh air" that brings a positive feeling like relief, happiness, comfort and so on.

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