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Hi, can you please check my translation? It's about Islamic movements vis-a-vis the US administration, especially after Obama's speech in Cairo.

"Their responses to Obama's speech were hardly an example of bold outreach"

"Le loro risposte al discorso di Obama hanno rappresentato appena delle audaci aperture"

The text continues:

In Morocco, the Justice and Development Party said Obama's speech was "certainly positive" but questioned US diplomacy towards the Arab-Israeli conflict. In the Palestinian territories, Hamas initially criticised Obama for more of the same US policy but later recognised its "positive language". In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood criticised Obama for ignoring the "authoritarian regimes and corrupt systems" in the region. Most of them restated familiar criticisms.
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    hardly an example of bold outreach
    "Hardly" in this sentence is being used ironically. It means "anything but"

    Could you say: "Le loro risposte al discorso di Obama erano altro che delle audaci aperture"?

    EDIT: A bold outreach would be an overstated show of friendship and acceptance, such as extending a hand to shake.

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    Mmm… A me sembra:
    Le loro reazioni al discorso di Obama difficilmente si potrebbero definire un esempio di grande convergenza/sintonia/identità di vedute.
    Or, following Bill's suggestion:
    Le loro reazioni al discorso di Obama furono tutt'altro che un esempio…
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