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This is probably a bit of a silly question, but is there a difference between 'bolet' and 'champignon' or are they interchangeable?
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    bolet (porcino - boletus edulis) is just a variety of mushroom.
    Il vaudrait peut-être mieux parler d'une sous-famille (=subfamily) de champignons. Les bolets sont aussi des champignons.
    Bolet est un nom vernaculaire ambigu désignant en français certains champignons classés dans la famille des Boletaceae,

    A bolete is a type of fungal fruiting body characterized by the presence of a pileus that is clearly differentiated from the stipe, with a spongy surface of pores (rather than gills) on the underside of the pileus. "Bolete" is also the English common name for fungal species having this kind of morphology.
    are they interchangeable
    Tous les bolets sont des champignons mais tous les champignons ne sont pas des bolets. ;)
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