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    Credo si riferisca al ticket che deve fare il negozio quando il cliente cambia qualche prodotto
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    I don't know the word in english, but I' ve really clear the meaning in italian.
    It is similar to a shipping note.
    Used in trade, betwen a seller and a buyer ( professional ones).
    When you ,as seller, deliver goods to a buyer, the goods go with a " bolla di accompagnamento/ documento di trasporto " = packing list , before or contemporarely to the invoice.
    If the goods aren't in agreement of the buyer he can give back them, but with another "bolla di accompagnamento/ documento di trasporto" called in this case "bolla di reso". It's a document going with the goods and describing the goods, the parcel, the sender and the recipient and the cause of refuse.
    In this case the seller, after receving the goods back, has to print a new document "nota di credito" = invoice , with a negative amount, for the buyer and he has to give back the money related to the item given back and payed.

    We must wait for natives for the english words :
    Bolla di accompagnamento = waybill or packing list
    Bolla di reso =?
    Nota di credito = Credit note
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    I don't work in this field so some one else probably will provide a translation for Bolla di reso, and I've just tweaked your post a bit, hope it helps?

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    Thanks, Vicky :) :thumbsup:
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    try with

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    La bolla di reso, che io sappia, è RETURN NOTE... o ancora meglio GOODS RETURN NOTE.

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