bolsita de dulces / paquete para fiestas infantiles

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  1. wendy_purple New Member

    Hi forum!! I need your help

    How do I say "bolsita de dulces" in english? And "paquete para fiestas infantiles"? I need this for a candy store.

    Thanks in advance
  2. ordira

    ordira Senior Member

    En el Valle de las Fortalezas
    Mexico - Spanish, English, Albures
    "little candy bag"

    "package for children's parties"
  3. silvester

    silvester Senior Member

    Mexico, spanish
    We call them "goody bags"
  4. wendy_purple New Member

    Thanks both of you, very nice and quick your answers
  5. elirlandes

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    Ireland English
    In Ireland, "goody bag" can be any collection of things given away for free, but can be more substantial. For example, if a business-person goes to a conference, he/she may get a goody bag.

    At a children's party, every child goes home with a "party bag". This may have sweets (candy), some small toys / balloons etc.

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