bolted onto

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  1. lucia84 Senior Member

    Hola,¿me podéis ayudar con esta frase?

    the paddle wheel blades can be constructed from 2 mm thick mild steel plate and the blades crimped to provide a greater resistance to bending; these are bolted onto the spokes.

    Muchas gracias
  2. jalibusa Senior Member

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    "Onduladas" o con "pliegues" de ángulo muy abierto.
  3. toboto Senior Member

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    atornilladas a
  4. Don Petrucci New Member

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    Crimped es Rizada... asi que me imagino que hace referencia a una forma como de "M" creo que la traduccion de jalibusa es adecuada. Bolted Onto es literalmemte "atornillada(s) a" (bolt = tornillo)

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