bomb technician=bomb disposal expert?

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  1. Magg Senior Member

    Spain / Spanish

    I'm looking for the English 'artificiero'. WR tells me it is 'bomb disposal expert'
    Does it mean the same as 'bomb technician'?

    Well, I've seen it at the back of a t-shirt (is this correct?). It says:

    I'm a bomb technician
    if you see me running
    try to keep up

    'Try to keep up' sería 'intenta seguir mi ritmo'?


  2. Rebecca Hendry

    Rebecca Hendry Senior Member

    United Kingdom - English
    Not necessarily, no.

    A "bomb technician" could just mean someone who is a bomb expert, so it may mean that they actually make bombs too. A "bomb disposal expert" does exactly what the name suggests.

    I am unfamiliar with the term "artificiero" - what exactly do they do?
  3. Magg Senior Member

    Spain / Spanish
    RAE says it is a 'técnico en el manejo de explosivos'.
    Usually, the police or 'Guardia Civil' here have 'artificieros' who are the ones in charg of defusing bombs.

    Although I think there is also another term in Spanish for this but now I can't find it.

    Did you understand my little explanation?

  4. ILT

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    México - Español/Castellano
    About the t-shirt, I find it really funny!!!

    What it is telling you is that since that person works with bombs, if you him running, run along because something is going to blow!!!

    I've never seen in is Spanish, but let me try:

    Soy un técnico en bombas
    Si me ves corriendo



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