Bombillo ahorrador de energía

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  1. Mompirri Senior Member

    Colombian Spanish
    Hola! ¿Cómo puedo decir bombillo ahorrador de energía? No tengo contexto porque sólo es por curiosidad.

    Mis ideas son: light saving light bulb or economical light bulb, pero no estoy muy seguro que esté bien.
    Gracias por cualquier ayuda
  2. headstrong

    headstrong Senior Member

    Chilean spanish
    It's "energy saving bulb/lamp". I looked it up on Google and thousands of images appeared, so I think that's what you are looking for.

    By the way in Chile we call them "ampolletas de ahorro de energía" though we would certainly understand the word bombilla, for us the most common word is "ampollleta"
  3. Mompirri Senior Member

    Colombian Spanish
    Thanks a lot for the quick response Headstrong! I always like knowing how th people from other countries name the same things; it is very interesting.
    Thanks again

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