1. zoeandoscar Member

    English - England
    I've been told that in French the expression 'Bon coin' is a popular way of expressing 'les bonnes affaires'

    could anyone help me on the translation to english?

    Would 'great deals' suffice?
  2. Ellea1

    Ellea1 Senior Member

    Southern French
    Hello, :)

    I'll suggest 'good bargains'
  3. Catface

    Catface New Member

    English English GB
    I think 'bargain corner' is good or 'bargain bucket'.
  4. NemoNobody

    NemoNobody Senior Member

    France métropolitaine
    French - France
    Actually, 'bon coin' only means 'nice/good place' for something.

    EG: 'un bon coin pour la pêche', 'un bon coin pour faire des rencontres', ie, there are 'bons coins' for a lot of things, including bargains and the like...
  5. aussietlacui New Member

    French - France
    It is actually the name of a popular website, in which you can get good bargains..
  6. NemoNobody

    NemoNobody Senior Member

    France métropolitaine
    French - France
    Actually, there have been 'bons coins' decades before Internet dawn...

    See for instance http://fr.wikisource.org/wiki/Le_Cabaret_de_la_belle_femme/Chapitre_6 from Dorgelès where the expression 'bon coin' appears; and Dorgelès died in 1973...

    The widest use of 'bon coin' I known is for naming restaurants and bars: searching Google for "au bon coin" (double quotes included) yields over 4 million hits, most of them being bars/restaurants, unrelated to any bargain website...
  7. franc 91 Senior Member

    English - GB
    the right place (for it) - suggestion
  8. AgoBdP New Member

    Hello there.. I have seen 'nice spot' being added to the list of translations I would rather prefer "good spot"... like in "it's a good spot for fishing"... Nice spot to me refers more to a pleasant point of view...

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