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I have to translate , "Reçu 114 colis . Manque 6 colis par rapport au bordereau de reception annoncé". (these are remarks are written on the international consignment note) I think bordereau de reception should be translated as delivery order? It does not seem to be the same as Bon de reception which would be delivery note.
Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Here are definitions of delivery note and delivery order from

    delivery note


    Document accompanying a shipment of goods that lists the description, grade, and quantity of the goods delivered. A copy of the delivery note, signed by the buyer or consignee, is returned to the seller or consignor as a proof of delivery.

    delivery order

    Definition 1

    In freight-prepaid shipments, written directions from a consignor (or shipper) of a shipment to a carrier or freight forwarder to release the shipment to the named delivery party.
    Definition 2

    In freight-collect (free on board) shipments, order by a carrier to the port authorities to release a shipment to the named delivery party on payment of the specified freight charges. Not to be confused with delivery instructions document which pertains to inland transportation.



    France English
    Thanks for your reply which really helped, and for the website. Delivery note seems to be the word I am looking for.
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