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Hello everyone, chocolate fans!I am translating recipes and I need your advices: in France we have "bonbon de chocolat", the one you can buy in many pastry shop/chocolate shop/bakery and even in supermarkets. How would you translate it in British English and in American English?What about "chocolate candy"? "chocolate sweet"?Thank you very much for your help!
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    Hello, Frenchgastronomy and welcome to the Forum! I think you have different options here. From my dictionary:

    A chocolate = un chocolat, une crotte de chocolat
    chocolate drop = pastille au chocolat.

    I myself would probably say "a chocolate, chocolates", but I think a lot of Americans would say "chocolate candy".


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    Commonly known as "Belgian chocolates" or "chocolate bonbons" in English-speaking countries, they are chocolate pieces filled with a soft fondant center.


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    chocolate kiss est-il trop spécifique ?

    J'avoue ne pas savoir si un bonbon de chocolat est bien fait de chocolat pur come l'indique "de". :eek:
    On dirait qu'il peut être fourré.
    ; "Unfortunately, there is no governing body to standardize terminology". Source : "A, B, C of Chocolate".
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