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Example sentence/context:
We do not think that higher yields will be negative for equities. However, weaker bonds may weigh on bond proxies within the equity market. Amongst stocks, we screen for such bond proxies and look for continued underperformance from this group, in-line with rising bond yields.
Sé lo que significa proxy, pero no esta acepción concreta. ¿Me podríais ayudar?
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    In this particular usage, proxy simply means 'substituto' or 'representante'.

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    Cuchuflete, I can not quite understand the translation: ¿'representante de los bonos'?

    I can not give you any alternative, I only want to understand yours.

    For me the phrase only take sense if you think of companies who have issued bonds or that markets bonds, but this is what I imagine, not what I read.