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I'm tanslating slang for a film into French. A girl says, "Bone me!" and the guy replies with, "You're getting boned." Any help with this major slang?

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    that's weird, does "to bone" means get rid of bones ?

    In this case, you should traduce by "desosse-moi" but it is very ugly so better :

    "Retire moi les os" "Tes os s'en vont", or for the answer if "he" makes it you'd say "je t'enlève les os"

    But thats a very strange situation I think :)


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    What's going on at that precise moment in the film?
    I fear - but I may be wrong - it's got something to do with that special bone men sometimes develop...


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    Hum ok, so it has to be dirty in french :)
    I dont know what degree of dirtyness it is but "prends-moi" is very nice (and quite vulgare)

    and the answer : "oui je te prends" funny...

    if you want to be very hard with that you can use "baiser" for "to bone" but, it is very "crass" ...

    I hope I have well understood the point ...


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    Sorry, two adolescents are having sex in a car. The girl says, "Bone me!" and the boy responds, "Yes, you are getting boned!" (meaning, "Yes, I am boning you!")


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    Je crois qu'on nique plutôt les autres... (cf. Niktamer, not sure about the spelling, though :( )
    En tous cas, le petit tour que je viens de faire sur Google te donne certainement raison.
    Seulement 2470 nique-moi dont pas mal inclus dans des phrases de type
    J'aimerais bien aller au prochain pique-nique moi aussi ,:D
    contre plus de 500.000 baise-moi - il est vrai toutefois que c'est un titre de film.
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