bone stock


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Hi. I believe this term is used to describe cars that don't have any modifications on them.

However, I need to find out if this phrase is being used in Canada or not, because I first heard it from an Australian and I was not sure if it was a regional slang or what.

I want to learn pure Canadian English, not Australian English, thanks for your understanding (I live in Canada).
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    I've never heard it, but that means nothing. We do use 'stock' on it's own to mean that the car is unmodified. My guess is that if you said it was bone stock, you'd draw a puzzled look except maybe to someone 'into' cars. However, if you said 'my car is stock' to anyone, they should understand that it is unmodified.


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    I have never heard the term used like that, but I am not a huge car buff. I have bought many new cars and no one has ever mentioned bone stock to me. I have heard bare boned used for something with no adornments or additions.
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