Bone to the hard right


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Hi, everybody.

I was reading a Fox news article about the goverment shutdown.
I have no idea what "bone to the hard right" means.

Democrats have poured cold water on the idea that they would support anything close to that. Schumer, in his remarks Saturday, said that the wall was a "bone to the hard right" and that they had proposed $1.3 billion for "border security."

Would you explain about it?

Thank you.
  • Myridon

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    throw somebody a bone
    throw somebody a bone
    throw (one) a bone
    To attempt to appease or placate someone by giving them something trivial or of minor importance or by doing some small favor for them. (A reference to giving a dog a bone or scrap from a bigger portion of food.) My younger brother is always pleading for me to help out his career, so I threw him a bone and got him a small gig.
    Something to appease those who are strongly to the political right.
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