Boning me Julie in the box

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Hi guys,

I'm watching Da Ali G Show. Ali G is interviewing Patrick Buchanan. Ali G is telling Patrick about him being chucked out by McDonald's in Staines.
Ali G says: But sometimes people lie to get in. Like when me went for me interview for McDonald's in Staines, me said that me would work well hard. But the moment me got in there, me was eating, like, 15 McChicken sandwiches a day, and selling a bit of-- little bit of me ganja on the side.
And them only actually chucked me out when them found me wearing the Ronald McDonald costume, boning me Julie in the box.

I'd like to know what he means by "boning me Julie in the box"? Does he mean "having sex with his Julie in the coffin or something"?

  • icecreamsoldier

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    New Zealand English
    You understand the first part correctly, but I think "the box" here means behind the drive-through window, where the employee stands to take payment or to pass food to customers.
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