bonne éducation


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I am reading that "education" in english is only use for school.
is it true ?
So to say "bonne éducation" (child) I must say : He receive a good upbringing ?:confused:

help please

thanks in advance:)
  • bouvetaude

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    does this mean

    education: for school
    upbringing: parents and family

    to translate " education familiale"
    = family upbringing ?

    thank you very much


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    Livestock are raised; children are reared. ;)
    Maybe that's a difference in national usage between CanEN and AE.

    In AE raising a family, raising a child are commonly used expressions. I don't hear people use rear a child too often nowadays, but both terms certainly would be considered synonyms meaning FR éduquer; éducation.


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    It's actually a difference in era/generation rather than of geography/culture.

    The distinction, a very real one in fact, has been all but obliterated today, except in the eye / to the ear of people upon whom the difference was impressed (sometimes called "pedants") in the course of their, hm, education. ;)

    edit -

    "Both raise and rear are used in the United States to refer to the upbringing of children. Although raise was formerly condemned in this sense (“You raise hogs but you rear children”), it is now standard."

    The same would be true for Canada; I can't speak for the UK or elsewhere.
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