Bonne découverte et bon voyage...


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Hey all you geniuses out there :D

I have quite a simple sentence to translate but I can't seem to find a colloquial equivalent for it in English.
The sentence is "Bonne découverte et bon voyage..." sentence that comes at the end of an editorial expounding the merits of this picture book on St Barts.
"Have a nice trip" is obvious. But how to say bonne découverte? One can't really say "have a great discovery" or even "discover your heart away". Or would it be better, as sometimes is the case, to drop that part of the sentence?
Thanks :)
  • kertek

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    I'd suggest something like "Enjoy your trip, and enjoy the islands." Or, if you want to insist on the discovery, maybe "I wish you an enjoyable trip and a memorable discovery of the islands," although, as you say, it is less common to talk about "discovery" in this context in English.
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