Bonne journée: how to answer

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    I have sort of a silly question. What is the normal/appropriate response to "Bonne journée"? In English if told "Have a nice day" one would usually reply "You too." Is it the same concept in French, "À vous aussi"?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. geve

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    France, French
    Absolutely !
    Toi/vous aussi, or à toi/vous aussi - with the "à" because what is actually meant is "[je vous souhaite une] bonne journée"
  3. Hi Maria,

    If I'm in a shop in France, about to leave with my purchases, the assitant usually says 'Merci Madame, bonne journée.' To which I simply reply, 'Au revoir, bonne journée.'

    If someone wishes me a 'bonne journée' I usually say 'Et vous meme.' (Sorry about the missing accents, I've lost my helpful chart.)

    I imagine I get away with it as I'm English.


    Edit. Merci Gève. Tu cours vite!
  4. lidboymk2 Senior Member

    Est-ce qu'il fait incorrect a dire dans un magasin bonne journee avant le serveuse a dit bonne journee.
    Merci d,avance Tricia
  5. laughingmarmot Member

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    It would be if you mean as soon as you went in as the idea is that you are wishing them a good rest of the day so to speak. I don't think there is anything wrong with you saying bonne journee as you leave before they do so - no one has ever taken offence when I have done so.

    Going back to earlier in thread I think you could reply with a simple "et a vous" - if you were feeling word thrifty!
  6. Kakie Member

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    En tant que francaise, je dirai qu'habituellement a "bonne journee", les gens repondent "merci, a vous/toi aussi"
  7. lidboymk2 Senior Member

    Vous diriez bonne journee a quelu'un ou les hotesse dans un magasin avant ils ont dit bonne journee.
    Merci encore:)
  8. DearPrudence

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    The fact is that most of the time, they go faster than us so we don't have the time to say "bonne journée" before them. :D But I suppose it wouldn't be impolite at all to say it before them if it seems natural (not if you make it sound like a race :p ).

    By the way, I think you can also reply "vous DE même" (I think, rather than "vous même". Usually I think I say "Merci. Vous aussi")

    And in a supermarket, we call the cashiers : "les caissières" and in a shop : "les vendeuses".
  9. lidboymk2 Senior Member

    Merci a tous. Bonne journee!:D
  10. flugga New Member

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    Like DearPrudence said, "vous même" and "et a vous" would soud quite unnatural. I'd rather use, from the most informal to the most formal "merci, toi aussi", "merci, à vous aussi", or "bonne journée également".

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