Bonne nuit, ma reine; soyez sage.

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    I am an English speaker and do not speak French.

    That phrase is from a book "The Awakening". It has footnotes with translations of the French phrases in the book but I was wondering about this translation.

    "Goodnight, my Queen; be good."

    I was wonder about the 'be good'. I read a book about the difficulty with translations and they said that it would be translated as "Be wise".

    The book was set in Louisiana; It is Cajun French.

    How would you translate it?
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    French is just full to the brim with words such as sage, with double meanings depending on context, placement within the sentence (e.g. before/after the noun in the case of adjectives, etc.).

    Basically, sage usually means wise, but in reference to behaviour, it indeed translates as "good", as indicated in the footnote.
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    Hello Kevlar 93, and welcome to the forum. :)

    Given this context, it seems to me that "be good" is correct in this sentence.

    It is true that « sage » can also mean "wise", but in my opinion, the context would be different. I have a hard time associating "be wise" with "good night".

    You can search for « sage » in the dictionary look-up, on top of the page.this page

    Edit : Boy ! Am I ever slow. I had not seen cropje's answer.
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    thank you that makes more sense now.

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