Bonne rentrée scolaire

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Bonjour, vous savez, quand l'école recommence, on dit souvent: bonne rentrée (scolaire), comment dire cette expression en anglais?

Merci beaucoup
  • SteveD

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    In BE at least, there isn't really an equivalent to "Bonne rentrée !".

    "La rentrée" (as used un advertising for items required for the new school year) usually becomes "Back to school!".

    To wish a child a happy school year, you would probably say "Enjoy your new class!" or, for a small child, "Have fun back at school!" or something similar.
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    I'm sorry, La Tradutrice, although there is nothing wrong with your grammar, it is far too stiff for any native speaker to use seriously (except maybe in a bizarre British public school?) If a teacher, etc. is welcoming students back, they would probably just say something like "Welcome (back) to (another year at) (St. John's) school."

    Since we sadly don't have a set phrase to translate this, Steve D's suggestions are good.
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