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Hola, estoy traduciendo una planilla de una empresa y tengo estos términos: Bonus buyout.

Buyout: Compra de la posición mayoritaria de una empresa.
A bonus buyout is where an employer will offer to buy the stock shares that a prospective employee has earned.

¿Sería algo así como incentivo por medio de la compra de acciones? Please, help!
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    Headhunter reports sharp rise in poaching of star employees by buying out multi-year bonus packages upfront
    The FCA and PRA are set to bow to pressure from the banking industry over the way bonuses are treated when bankers leave their employer to join a rival, Sky News reports.
    Under a bonus buyout, an employer will offer to purchase the shares or options a prospective employee has accumulated under their current employer’s bonus scheme.
    Regulators step back from bonus ‘buyout’ ban | Fund Strategy
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