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nemo eve walle

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I wanted him to be a nice little boy, just as Georgina Phyllis is a nice little girl, and I wanted to bring him up nicely in a nice way, and here he is"--and the unfortunate woman's voice broke--"wearing number four grown-up shoes and being wheeled about by--booboo!--Petroleum!
From The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth/Book I/Chapter IV
According to this forum's dictionary, it means informal an embarrassing mistake; blunder, but still can't fit the context.
  • heypresto

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    English - England
    I think it means that the unfortunate woman, whose voice had already began to break, started to cry. We talk about children (usually) booing, and describe the sound of crying as 'boo-hoo'. I suspect that 'booboo' is based on this.
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