book a flight on/for [date] (preposition)

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Hi everyone,

Not sure the correct prepositions for the following sentence:

- I have booked a flight back to Germany (on/for) 9/17.

Thank you!
  • Rainrover

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    También, se puede usar "on 9/17" cuando "on" indica la fecha del vuelo. La oración "There is a flight back to X on [fecha del vuelo]" es lo que suelo oír. Nunca he oído "There is a flight back to X for [fecha del vuelo]" pero puede que lo hayan oído otros.


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    There is a flight back to X on [fecha del vuelo]
    Rainrover is correct here.

    I'm going to make my reservation on a flight to Germany on the 17th.
    I plan on booking my flight for the 1st of next month.
    I see they have flights available to Germany leaving at the same time on the 2nd and 3rd also.
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