Book an overtime flight?

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    This should mean "He wouldn't allow you to book a seat on a plane that was already booked." If there are still a couple of extra seats available after a plane has been booked, airlines sometimes allow latecomers to buy a ticket for that flight.

    I don't believe I've heard the term "overtime flight" before. Perhaps some member who has heard that term will verify that it means what I think it means.
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    The line is said to Liam Neeson, who plays an air marshal in the film. I haven't seen it, but from the bit provided I suspect that the sentence means "your boss would not have scheduled you on a flight which would require you to work (and thus be paid for) excess hours."


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    Liam is an air marshall and he needs to fly to London. And before flight he calls his boss and says that he can't wait in London for 3 days and asks his boss to get him another flight back. And then later in the movie Liam is under investigation and his boss said to agent that Liam had threatened to him because he(boss) wouldn't book him an overtime flight.
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