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Hey there. I am reading "Educated" by Tara Westover
What does center fold mean? Thanks in advance

It usually took half an hour to find all the books, then we would divide them up and go into separate rooms to “do school.” I have no idea what my siblings did when they did school, but when I did it I opened my math book and spent ten minutes turning pages, running my fingers down the center fold. If my finger touched fifty pages, I’d report to Mother that I’d done fifty pages of math.
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    She's cheating.

    Open a book at a page. If you close it right away, it will close tightly and not show that it had ever been opened.

    If you run your finger down the center, in the crack between the two open pages, where the fold is, and push the two pages apart, the book will not close as tightly. It will seem as if she had read those pages.


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    In this context, yes, but in other contexts, folds are different:

    Here is a sheet of paper with two folds. It has been 'folded' twice.

    And here is one with many folds, and had been 'folded' into a representation of a bird

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