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Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by GoMiBo, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. GoMiBo New Member

    English - Manitoban
    Hello. I respectfully seek confirmation on the following jpg. Japanese check.jpg
  2. animelover Senior Member

    Eastern Germany
    2nd ◆ says rain - 愛と戦 (typo?) How about 梅雨 or 降雨?

    friends - 友 looks much bigger than the rest, how about 友達, 友人 or 親友? Same for 'death', how about 死期,死際, 逝去, 息絶(え) or 死亡?

    Dictionaries seem to agree with Kinkajou キンカジュー, but I when I read it I did not know what a Kinkajou could possibly be, how about 'honey bear'?

    Rest are nouns, 眠れぬ as a verb stands out, hoe about 不眠?

    私覚え sounds kind of clumsy and doesn't fit with the rest either, how about 想出 (おもいで), 記念(日) or 記憶, depending on what you want to say?

    Do you mean dry or drought?

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