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¿Me podría ayudar alguien con esta frase?

"But even though he is not "book smart", Jack is a very talented and creative artistically".

No sé si es la opción adecuada, pero lo se me ocurre para esta frase (que sigue hablando del novio de la hermana a la que odia) es:
A pesar de que no es inteligente a la hora de ponerse ante un libro, Jack tiene mucho talento y mucha creatividad artística.

Muchas gracias por todo.
  • aktdid

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    book smart = well educated, scholarly

    In English it is sometimes said that some really smart people have "book smarts" but no "common sense."

    In this case it means that even though he wasn't well educated, he was very artistic.


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    Is there a phrase in Spanish to express the idea of someone who is smart about the types of things one learns in books?

    In English it is sometimes used as the opposite of "street smart", which means someone who learned what they know on the streets.



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    Spain - Spanish, Catalan
    We have the expression "una persona muy leída", which means that he/she has learnt a lot of things from reading books.


    argentina castellano

    I´m not sure if it fits to what you are trying to express but "intelectual" means a type of intelligence that has been acquiered in learning and reading and not in the streets.
    I hope it helps.
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