booked for three appearances


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Bruce Springsteen has been booked for three appearances at (name of the venue)

Springsteen being a singer, appearances is synonymous with concerts but the same term can be used for an actor, comedian, etc.

I have the terms comparse and apparizioni which do not convince me much (especially the second one which reminds me of a haunted house!)

Do you have a better suggestion?

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  • ElFrikiChino

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    Yes, we do. Although we have many terms in Italian, apparently we appreciate more the English. If you go with performance, make sure not to put an "s" at the end, because foreign words in Italian are invariable.


    ElFrikiChino is absolutely right, but I would like to add a little thing: if you use the word performance, you are telling that he's going to sing and dance and have his show. You should not use the word "performance" in Italian if this person goes on TV as a special guest for example in a talk show or wherever he is not supposed to "perform", but only where he has to show up. In these cases the suggestions that ElFrikiChino are perfect (serate, eventi...).
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