Booking and Reservation

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  1. lykke Member

    Pto, Varas
    Hei averyone, What is the difference between booking and reservation? can i use both if i´m working in a hotel?
  2. spielenschach Senior Member

    Portugal . Portuguese
    booking :- 1. advance reservation: an arrangement by which something such as a theater seat or hotel room is kept for somebody's use at a specific time

    reservation - arrangement made beforehand: an advance booking, e.g. of a seat, hotel room, or ticket
  3. Tezzaluna

    Tezzaluna Senior Member

    Olympia, Washington, USA
    US English and Costa Rica Spanish

    It is the same thing.

  4. VocabloTrad Senior Member

    English - UK
    Yes, you can use both.
  5. Erika_Martin Member

    Será que "booking" implica el pago anticipado y "reservation" no?

    Ya ves, muchos anyos después, se le presenta la misma duda a otro y la pregunta queda sin resolver :(
  6. econo Senior Member

    Para mi las dos quieren decir exactamente la misma cosa...
  7. kukus Member

    And many years later...
    It is the same thing, but it is more common to hear "booking" in US and "reservation" in british English (I've been working in hotels on both sides of the world and that's the only difference I found).

    Cheers to all!

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