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Hello there.
I am translating a text regarding an online Booking Software from Italian to English, and I have many doubts about the correct use of the three terms in the title regarding the Italian word "prenotazione" and the verb "prenotare"...

A friend told me that the verb to book is correct, as it is to make a reservation (right?).

But when it comes to the noun, can I use "booking" with the same meaning as "reservation"?
For example, can I write "one can manage and delete reservations" in the same way as "on can manage and delete bookings"?

I don't know why, but "bookings" doesn't sound that good. I also read somewhere that one word regards only restaurant while the other fits hotels and apartments. Can some explain me the whole thing? :)

Thank you very much.

Usa le maiuscole per favore.
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    I don't think there is a great deal to explain. I think that "booking" may be a term used more in the UK than in the US, but to me it has the same meaning as "reservation" and is the term that 50 or so years ago would have been standard in Britain. In that period we have adopted many US words and expressions, and I think that "reservation"is one of them. Although it doesn't sound good to you, I prefer "booking". Many others will differ.


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    I will comment only in AE terms.
    Noun -
    a booking = a reservation
    In AE "booking" is understood, but is an older form, and rarely used today.

    Verb -
    to book = to reserve
    Again, "to book" rarely used, but perfectly understood.

    <placement> is a more vague term rarely used in this type of a situation,
    unless perhaps it is used for a large group.

    From a BE perspective, I would guess that Lazzini's interpretation is perfect!


    Volevo dire "ho provato a prenotare tramite il vostro sito internet". Come posso tradurre? I miei tentantivi:
    1) I tried to make a reservation through your website
    2) I tried to book through your website
    Possono andare bene? Otherwise, can you kindly improve them? Thank you!