Boolean variables "True" and "False"

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  1. quasar Senior Member

    Italy - Italian
    Hello everybody!

    Please can you tell me how the boolean variables "True" and "False" are saved in Spanish?

    Of course I know the -1=true and 0=false, but in some cases they are saved as text, and I need to know these texts exactly, for a comparison, in case the used language (in the computer) was Spanish.

    I can guess "Falso" for "False" but I have some doubt for "True", and I need the right words, not a synonymous...

    Can you please help me?

    Thank you so much!
  2. Feche New Member

    Spanish - Argentina
    True = Verdadero
    False = Falso
  3. quasar Senior Member

    Italy - Italian
    Thank you!!! :)

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