boom, business meets recess


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The quotation comes from “Underground”

Quotation: Michael, dressed and combed, marched into the living area of his loft and gave Jeremy his fiercest boys’-catalogue pose: all tilt and akimbo, pure tween sassafras. But Jeremy was preoccupied with his phone, in other words sprawled on the couch, near-naked, composing a late-morning selfie for his tens of thousands of followers. Michael altered his angle of entry by crossing his arms and arching his back—boom, business meets recess—but Jeremy remained within the purview of his touch screen, his right hand stretching up and rotating as though changing a hard-to-reach light bulb.
Hi everyone! What does the bold part mean?
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    "Boom" seems to be imitative of the sound or pose of him arching his back. "Business meets recess" suggests to me that his gesture represents the moment where business is set aside and he takes a break, but it's not very clear.
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