boom gate - [AusE term; BE equivalent?]


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The song -Dumb Ways to Die- is about safety at train stations, a Public Service Announcement by Metro Melbourne. I'm using it with my students just as a source of vocabulary. I know the object it refers to, but don't know the equivalent in British English.
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    Hello mlponte, and Welcome to the Forum! :)

    I'm not sure what you mean by 'the object it refers to', and I have no knowledge of the song, from which you're allowed to copy four lines, and post them here. :)


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    A boom gate, here in the UK is simply called a "barrier". So, in the song: "Drive around the boom gates at a level crossing", becomes: "Drive around the barriers at a level crossing". We do have "full barriers" and "half barriers" - as is also the case in Australia.


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    The lyrics are available here, and these are the relevant lines (including the one quoted by barneygoogle):
    Drive around the boom gates at a level crossing;
    Run across the tracks between the platforms;
    They may not rhyme but they’re quite possibly
    Dumbest ways to die

    I would say barrier​ too.
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