Boom goes the dynamite


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I see the expression "Boom goes the dynamite" used in many situation in

American drama.

What does it mean and in what situation is it used?

Can I use it to show my surprise?

thank you :)
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    The Urban Dictionary has a couple of decent definitions. Here's one:

    Popularized by a video of a radio broadcast at a college. A guy was asked at the last moment to fill-in for the normal sportscaster and was given a poorly written script that did not match any part of the replay video, yet he stuck it out. The segment was so ridiculously fubared* he ended with, "and boom goes the dynamite."

    Refers to being involved in a situation where everything that can go wrong, does, yet sticking it out until, inevitably, the dynamite goes off (which itself is a reference to movies where, no matter what, the bomb goes off.)

    For usage, I suggest you search Google for the phrase to see it in context. You'll find that search here.

    *fubared = fucked up beyond all recognition (in the past tense). :) You can also use "fouled up" in politer company.

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