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    There is a frequent advert for Ariel liquitabs on British TV. There's a dialogue between two brothers which goes as follows:-'My kid brother's got a hot date tonight'.
    'I do, I do. I'm wearing the Lionheart (a brand of shirt)-it's a kind of babe-magnet, so I used those-- sort of -- Ariel liquitabs kind of thing to keep it in pristine condition & BOOM.....!'( a colloquial exclamation to indicate something is good, great or amazing. Here he means & 'look at the fab result those liquitabs had, to make me look so amazing': he could have used SHAZZAM in the same context. Is there a matching Turkish exclamation word? Vay be? Vay canına?
    a friend of mine (who is bilingual) says that he would use SÜPER in this context. Are there any more suggestions. By the way, is the Turkish for 'my kıd brother' küçük kardeşim?
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    Incidentally, would any of your expert bilinguists have a shot at translating this advert into fluent colloquial Turkish or am I asking too much & breaking site rules??
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    "Vay be" and "Vay canına" wouldn't work. Nor would "Süper", despite what your friend suggests. Using exclamations such as "BOOM!", "Voila!", "Poof!", etc. in that way isn't particularly, well, Turkish-y. The best I can come up with is "Aha!", which pretty much sounds like your "A-ha!" anyway, and "İşte!", which exactly means "Voila!"

    The dialogue between those two brothers goes as follows:

    - Bu akşam küçük kardeşimin güzel bir kızla randevusu var.
    - Var ya. Lionheart gömleğimi giyiyorum. Fıstıkları mıknatıs gibi çekiyor! Gömleğim tertemiz kalsın diye Ariel sıvı tabletlerinden kullandım ve...bakın şuna!

    By the way, hearing two kids talk about girls in such a way is kind of jarring from an average Turkish point of view. Babes, hot dates... Just saying. I don't really expect to see that commercial on our TVs anytime soon.
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    Thanks again, Reverence, & for the translation! Unfortunately, this sort of attitude is prevalent among more than some of our young. I have seen young adolescent girl savaged on twitter, let alone a well-known mature academic at one of our greatest universities. Her appearance was lampooned (and in some cases) pornographically portrayed on some websites.
    This reduced her to tears. I am glad the Turkish people are now more enlightened than we are. Needless to say, my grown up children do not respond to such attitudes & are exemplary in their behaviour. The attitude in the advert is typified by what a young person said to a criticism I made of his remarks: ' I'll do what I want; I don't care'.
  5. Reverence Senior Member

    That kid won't care as long as he remains unaware of the fact that he's supposed to care, I guess. Education is the key. I myself have never been abroad, save for a brief stint in Cyprus during my time in the army, but all my dealings with foreigners so far have made me realize something: We Turks have a wholly different tradition and understanding of respect and decency than most non-Turkic communities. Not saying ours is better, but different, and more suited to us. And I'm all for progress, but wherever change leads to situations such as the one above instead of genuine progress, I'd rather stick to the tradition.

    Thank you for the kind words, much appreciated. I'll keep trying to help however I can.

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