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Hello. I know that this word "boom" refers to a loud, deep sound. However, recently I have heard it used in other ways that kind of confuse me. I will provide the contexts for when it was used:

Context 1. At my job, one day I was trying to put labels on pouches. I wasn't very experienced so I was going slowly. Then my boss walked over and showed me how to position the pouch and label-gun as to do it quicker. He put one label on one bag, then said, "boom". Then he put another one, then said "boom" again.

Context 2. At my other job, I was talking to this co-worker of mine. He was saying that he went to a very popular restaurant. He said that they were "pumping out food," then he said, "boom boom boom boom boom".

These two instances above make me think that I can also say "boom" to express that a quick movement is being made. Am I correct?

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    Yes. I've also heard "bam" and "pow" used with this meaning. bam, bam, bam. = I do this and this and this...

    If you decide to use "boom" this way, you should use it sparingly. This sort of thing can quickly become annoying .
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