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An angel or the God, pleased with a person's acts of sacrifice or hard work, asks him to spell out/ articulate what he desires or wishes so that the same will be granted by the former without any conditions laid. Such a person may ask for wealth or death of an enemy or longevity. What are such wishes which are granted called? blessings or boons? Or what?
  • Regarding the words "boon" and "blessing", I would think that "boon" would come closer to the meaning you're looking for. A "boon" is "a benefit or favor, especially one that is given in answer to a request". (Definition is from Merriam-Webster online dictionary).
    In your question, you mention that the deity or angel is pleased with the person's actions, and thus grants him a boon...I think this is slightly different from our idea of a wish.... just an opinion though. :)
    When I think of wishes granted, I think of the story of the fisherman's wife, in which she gets wishes granted even though her actions aren't necessarily praiseworthy.... I also think of the genie in the lamp, where the person gets wishes granted simply because they happen to be the one who rubs the lamp. ;)
    A boon seems more like a situation in which a devoted follower has pleased his master/God, and is given his heart's desire because of that.
    "Boon" is not a word that's used very commonly, but it's a good word, and in my opinion should be used more often. :)
    Just my two cents... :)
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    A boon is more of a favor bestowed on someone. A blessing seems more likely to come from a divine source, and is more general.
    Here's an excerpt from AVESTA: KHORDA AVESTA, which illustrates the idea of an obedient follower requesting and receiving a boon from a deity, the Persian goddess Drvaspa:
    "To her did Yima Khshaeta, the good shepherd, offer up a sacrifice from the height Hukairya, with a hundred male horses, a thousand oxen, ten thousand lambs, and with an offering of libations: 9. 'Grant me this boon, O good, most beneficent Drvaspa! that I may bring fatness and flocks down to the world created by Mazda; that I may bring immortality down to the world created by Mazda; 10. 'That I may take away both hunger and thirst, from the world created by Mazda; that I may take away both old age and death, from the world created by Mazda; that I may take away both hot wind and cold wind, from the world created by Mazda, for a thousand years.' 11. The powerful Drvaspa, made by Mazda, the holy Drvaspa, the maintainer, granted him that boon, as he was offering libations, giving gifts, sacrificing, and entreating that she would grant him that boon."
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