booster society, save up for a second pair of pants


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Can someone tell me what is the meaning of these two things? They are from Daria's script, these are lines in which they are referred:

"Son, promise me you'll come back and see me some day when you've got the Heisman trophy and a chain of auto dealerships, and I'm saving up for a second pair of pants! Will you promise me that, Kevin?"


"God, I hope that's not the booster society again." (she's a popular girl and she's probably talking about something related with her popularity, but I don't know exactly what is she talking about)

Thanks in advance!!!
  • Chris K

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    It's literally "cuando estoy ahorrando dinero para mi segundo par de pantalones." The idea is that the "son" will have lots of money but that the speaker will still be so poor that he won't be able to afford more than one pair of pants.

    A "booster society" would be some kind of organization that promotes or raises funds for school activities or charitable projects -- but you should start a second thread for that.
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