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Comment traduiriez-vous cette phrase ?

Un inspecteur trouve une k7 vidéo et dit :

"Dirty video or a bootleg copy of country file maybe "?

Pour info : ça se passe à la campagne.
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    Dear tohd,

    I can translate the first part of your sentence, but not the rest.

    "Dirty video" or "bootleg copy" is a pirated (unauthorized) copy of copyrighted material that used to be available in videos (although I thought that dirty meant that they were pornography; maybe cops talk differently?) and now is more usually found as DVDs.

    They are created either by making a copy of a DVD (cracking the security code) and selling it, or, in advanced cases, by people surreptitiously filming a film while it's being shown in a theater. (I can't imagine how bad that quality must be!)

    "... of country file maybe ?" makes no sense to me. There is something wrong with your original sentence. Where did you get it?


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    Je viens de trouver quelque chose sur internet. En fait, Country File est une émission télé de la BBC, sur la nature. L'équivalent de "Chasse et pêche" en France.
    Donc, ça voudrait dire :

    Une vidéo cochonne ou peut-être une copie pirate de "Chasse et Pêche" ?
    Merci pour votre aide.
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