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Is the word "mica" used for both a green card (Legal Permanent Resident Card) and a border crossing card? Is there a more formal or better way to say "border crossing card" to avoid confusion with an LPR card?
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    ¿Mica? Where did you take that from?
    In spanish we say "permiso de residencia" (or NIE), that allows to live in the country, and "pasaporte", that only allows to travel.


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    Durante muchos decenios los EUA han extendido visas con tamaño de tarjeta de crédito a visitantes fronterizos frecuentes, en sustitución del sello en el pasaporte.

    Las tarjertas enmicadas, de color verde implican autorización de trabajo.

    "La mica" es expresión de uso informal y fronterizo, que significa: la visa, o permiso de ingreso o permiso de trabajo.

    "Border crossing card" Los formularios oficiales lo traducen simplemente como "Tarjeta para cruzar la fontera" (con México o con Canadá)

    Las llamadas "micas verdes" son "tarjetas de autorización para trabajar"



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    "Border Crossing Cards", also know as "micas", for entering the United States, usually from Mexico, are no longer issued by the U.S. Embassy, as of a few years ago. These cards were a separate, plasticized document of about 5" by 4".

    Now, they have been replaced by a visa which is inserted into the traveller's passport. If the passport expires, the traveller will need to carry both passports.

    For further information outside of the United States, contact the U.S. Embassy, or visit the respective website.