border hedge

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Hello, I am translating the following text, but I do not know the meaning of "border hedge". Could someone tell me what is it? thank you.

On one fairly innocent day of those long-forgotten days of childhood that seemed to last for ever, I happened to be exploring round the corners of the school playground
when I suddenly noticed a shed-like construction with a small gap behind this and the border hedge.

Thank you!
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    A hedge is a row of shrubs or bushes, usually of the same type and planted close to each other. A "border hedge" is one that is located along the boundary of a parcel of land.


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    From the dictionary (using the search box). The "corners of the schoolground" suggest an area (like a field or garden used in the definition)

    border: a band or margin around or along the edge of something

    hedge: a row of shrubs, bushes, or trees forming a boundary to a field, garden, etc
    Can you now interpret "border hedge"?
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