bore down

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Gardener bore down, his brow locked in a tremendous frown, his eyes squeezed into slits. The silvery mesh began to slip past, slowly but steadily. Not that it was moving at all, of course; it was the ship that was moving; that grinding noise was the sound of it pulling itself free of the bedrock which had held it so long.
Source: The Tommyknockers by Stephen King

In the scene, Gardner is getting the alien ship moving out of its canted position in the excavated trench and taking off into into the air. He is guiding the ship with his mind and he is not using physical control levers. Here's the preceeding paragraph:

He felt something in his mind slip, catch, slip . . . and catch firmly. It was like a gearshift lever. Now there was pain, but it was bearable. THEY’RE feeling most of the pain, he thought faintly. The sides of the trench appeared to move. At first just a little. Then a little more. There was a grinding, squealing sound.

What does bore down mean in this context? concentrated hard?

Thank you.
  • Aloyalfriend

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    I believe it means ' to move quickly towards a person or place in a threatening way'.
    But wait for native English Speakers' answers!
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