bore him rigid

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    At one time he’d thought that was what he’d wanted –the continuity and security of island life. Now that he was faced with the possibility, he wasn’t so certain. Wouldn’t it bore him rigid?
    Source: Raven Black by Ann Cleeves
    Context: Inspector Perez is contemplating about returning to his place of birth, Fair Isle, Shetland.

    He fancied himself as a farmer but feared that life in some forgotten backwater would bore him rigid, and he knew that ....
    Source: Jack of Hearts by Jane Backer

    What does bore him rigid mean? force him to become or make him rigid?

    bore: to force (an opening), as through a crowd, by persistent forward thrusting (usually fol. by through or into); to force or make (a passage).

    Thank you.
  2. PaulQ

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    Wouldn’t it bore him rigid? -> bore him to death. In death, rigor mortis sets in and the body becomes rigid.
    Correct glossary:
    bore - Dictionary of English Bore v. [~ + object]
    1. to make (someone) weary by dullness, etc.:The long speech bored me.
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    I don't know about 'bored rigid', but 'bored to death' is unfortunately an expression I occasionally could use.
  4. jacdac

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    Thank you. I am familiar and active user of bored to death. I understand now bored rigid is another variant of the same.
  5. velisarius

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    Also (and more commonly in BE) "bored stiff".
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    I use bored rigid with tedious regularity.

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