Bore in this sentence?

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This series victory bore a striking resemblance to the White Sox's two wins in Yankee Stadium from Aug. 8-10, when the South Siders outscored the Bronx Bombers, 6-5. During these three games, the White Sox outscored Minnesota, 8-6.

Could you explain in plain English, por favor? hehe.....
  • modgirl

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    Bore is the past tense of bear. In this instance, it means possesses.

    In other words, the victory "looked a lot like the White Sox's two wins....."


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    Hi rich7

    The easiest way is th think of your 'ter' in past tense. :-

    "This series victory had a striking.........."

    Hope this helps


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    to bear a resemblance to = to resemble = to be similar to

    "bore" is simply the past tense :)


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    Hi detiquilin,

    Welcome to the forums! We're glad to have you here. Just so you are aware, this is the English Only forum, and while we do get the occasional translation in the starter post, all discussion should be in English. If you wish to post in Spanish, the Spanish-Enlgish Forum is filled with very lively conversation, and is arguably the busiest of all of the forums. You can find it here.

    Best of luck. We look forward to your input! :)
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